Exterior Plumbing Solutions With Minimal Disruption

Some of the most troublesome plumbing problems occur in your outdoor lines and piping. Peter's Plumbing, LLC of Houston, Texas, offers exterior services such as gas line and sewer repair, along with drain cleaning, to keep your property's water flowing smoothly. Our crew has the experience necessary to solve these outdoor problems quickly and with minimal disruption. Prices vary based upon the situation and type of repair, so contact us to receive a free estimate. 

Prevent Exterior Clogs From Causing Damage Indoors & Outdoors

While a sewer line clog might go unseen, it can cause extensive damage inside and outside your property. For older properties, tree roots are the most common culprit for sewer line problems. On newer properties, common clogging causes include paper towel, feminine hygiene products, and even thicker types of toilet paper. Since a damaged sewer line can lead to expensive and even destructive repairs, we recommend watching for warning signs such as slow flowing drains and gurgling noises from your toilet.

When you suspect a clog, contact us immediately to come out and remedy the issue. We also offer cleaning for exterior drains. When your drain is backed up and clogged, we clean it out thoroughly without relying on the acid-based drain cleaners that corrode your system and emit noxious fumes. Draining cleaning prevents standing water from pooling near your drains, as well as backup and flooding inside your property.

Sewer Line

Safe Exterior & Interior Gas Line Repair
Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and even explosions on your property by hiring a professional to handle your gas line repair needs. While gas lines are your life lines to fuel, they can also be incredibly dangerous when leaking or malfunctioning. We quickly locate the issue and fix the problem in order to keep you safe. When you smell gas inside or outside your property, contact us immediately from a safe distance. Do not smoke or use any electronic devices inside or near a building you suspect has a leak. 

Whether you need sewer repair or drain cleaning for your property,
contact Peter's Plumbing in Houston, TX, at (832) 930-5816 for prompt and dependable service.